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  • Meet Chuck Hooper:
    • My presentations are educational, entertaining, inspirational, and, at times, a little irreverent! Each is littered with life stories used as examples of the right, and wrong, way to accomplish goals.
    • I am a professional speaker and a business intelligence consultant, with over 50 years of business and IT experience. I do speaking engagements on storytelling with data, visual analytics, and, on my attempted journey from success to significance.
    • I am a speaker coach with a passion for helping others to become great speakers & presenters.
    • I'd love to speak at your conferences and meetings!
  • Chuck's coaching/training helps to make:
    • Inspirational speakers INSPIRE!
    • Motivational speakers MOTIVATE!
    • Sales reps close more deals, faster!
    • Staff/analysts communicate more effectively to management.
    • C-suite executives make powerful presentations to investors / the media.
    • Instructors have higher success rates in the classroom.
  • More of Chuck's books are coming:
    • "59 Minutes to Finding YOUR Story!"
    • "59 Minutes to Publishing YOUR Book!"
    • "59 Minutes to Success on Stage!"
    • "All I know about business, I learned while hustling pool."
  • Chuck in Action

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