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  • Learn from Janice Burt and Chuck Hooper, their proven techniques to make:
    • Inspirational speakers INSPIRE!
    • Motivational speakers MOTIVATE!
    • Sales reps close more deals, faster!
    • Staff/analysts communicate more effectively to management.
    • C-suite executives make powerful presentations to investors / the media.
    • Instructors have higher success rates in the classroom.
  • Presenting at a conference? Presenting anywhere? Training/Coaching offered, at your site:
    • 4 hours - Be the awesome speaker/presenter you NEED to be!
  • Additional training offered, often the same day, at your site:
      In addition to the main session, above, we offer follow-up workshops.
      • 1 hour - Promoting your speaking business.
      • 1 hour - Deliver your message through performance techniques.
      • 1 hour - Advanced presenting essentials.
      • 1 hour - Running the business of speaking.
  • About Janice Burt
    • Janice loves to bring performance art to the public speaking stage! She uses her acting and voiceover background as she powerfully incorporates dramatic interpretation, spoken word poetry, and dynamic stories into her speeches. Her focus is on hitting the heart in such a way that inspires change, growth, and movement in those listening. Her goal is to get the audience believing in their greatness and goodness, thus shifting their perspective from not good enough to perfectly enough.
  • About Chuck Hooper
    • Chuck's presentations are educational, entertaining, inspirational, and, at times, a little irreverent! Each is littered with life stories used as examples of the right, and wrong, way to accomplish goals. Chuck is a professional speaker and a business intelligence consultant. He brings over 50 years of business and IT experience with him. Chuck does speaking engagements on storytelling with data, visual analytics, and, on his attempted journey from success to significance.
  • More of Chuck's books are coming:
    • Next in the '59 Minute' series: "59 Minutes to Finding YOUR Story!" - Due Q4 2017
    • Then, in the '59 Minute' series: "59 Minutes to Great Presentations!" - Due Q1 2018
    • Then, in the '59 Minute' series: "59 Minutes to Critical Thinking!" - Due Q2 2018
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