Chuck Hooper is recognized for his expertise in the business intelligence consulting world, and now concentrates on speaking, coaching and writing.  Over five decades his work in business intelligence included the analysis, design, implementation, training and support of business intelligence and decision support system environments over many  engagements for big name companies.  Chuck’s current speaking engagements encompass presentation skills, visual analytics, storytelling, critical thinking, and his signature speaking program – Defeating the Impostor Syndrome.

Chuck is a member of multiple organizations:

He is the the Dean of the 2020 Speakers Academy for the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association.
He is an active member of the National Speakers Association.
Chuck is a member of the American Accounting Association (AAA), and, since 2011, has done over 20 presentations at their national, regional and special meetings.   This association is made up of over 7,000 accounting professors.